Evaluation Plan For An Organization Development Practitioner

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The key details discovered over the past four weeks was plenty with respect to the Great Hope Church. The use and establishing an Organization Development Practitioner to implement change and strategy to move forward and add growth to the church was established. The first detail was the entry process of who would be the Organization Development agent and whether or not the agent would be an internal or external agent. Secondly, the contracting process was essential, which determined the methodical approach to use for implementing changes. This process of course needed research or data of company to determine the right or correct approach to use to encourage change. Also, evaluating the processes is and was the up most important detail with recognizing the best intervention to conclude with, with having an understanding of the best approach for implementing changes in a company in the future. Evaluation Plan To justify an evaluation plan to determine effectiveness of an intervention, one must decide which plan to utilized. This of course would only be recognized or seen after all interventions have been set in place. Likewise, there are three processes of evaluations to consider. The three evaluations are called formative evaluation, summative evaluation, and longitudinal evaluation. According to South University Online (2013) Formative evaluation consist of monitoring and assessing as a changes are taking place, Summative evaluation consist of a synopsis given at the end
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