Evaluation Questions On Systems Development

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COIS20025 Systems Development Overview Term 2, 2014 Assessment 1 - Systems Development Lecturer: Sanjay Jha Tutor: Sanjay Jha Prepared by: Kanchan Dahal Student Number: S0254624 Due Date: 1 p.m. Monday 11th August, 2014 Table of Contents 1. Introduction 1 2. Approach to Systems Development 2 2.1 Comparisons of SDLC and Agile Development 2 2.2 Preferred approach to system development 2 3. Systems Requirements 3 3.1 Functional requirements 3 3.2 Non-functional requirements 4 4. Project Cost Benefit Analysis 5 5. Project Schedule 6 5.1 Work breakdown structure 6 5.2 System goals, requirements and scopes 8 6. System Information Requirement Investigation Techniques 9 6.1 Stakeholders involved 9 6.2 System Investigation Techniques 10 7. Reflections and Conclusions 11 8. References 12 1. Introduction Technology is changing rapidly and because of rapid change in the technology, works are being done instantly. However, in Reef Adventures, because of the manual handling of the works and only one system in the office; which takes takes lot of time to finalize the works. Particular problem area is included in the hazardous, paper based system; duplicate and mishandling of records which has resulted in frequent customer complain. The aim of this project is to plan the information system for Reef Adventures, in which work becomes faster with accurate information and without duplicate records. This report presents the design and analysis of the
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