Evaluation Research Questions On School Truancy

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Evaluation Research Questions There were three expected outcomes / hypothesis as a result of PARC program participation. First, hypothesis number one suggested that the activities of the PARC program (IV) will decrease school truancy significantly (DV) for individuals that participate in the program. Hypothesis number two suggested that as a result of the decrease in school truancy, student’s academic grades will improve. In other words, the PARC program (IV) would help to improve student’s grades (DV). Finally, the third hypothesis suggested that the independent variable, PARC, will increase student engagement in school (LV) for the individuals that participate in the program. The findings of this research will further enlighten the facilitators of PARC as to whether or not the program is truly effective in the areas of student engagement, truancy, and academic improvement. The bias among facilitators already exists that the program is effective. However, with this program evaluation, facilitators will have the proof that they need to further develop the program in the school. For example, one drawback of the program is that it only serves approximately five – ten students at a time. This program evaluation aims to show that PARC could accept more student participants. Perhaps the results will convince the facilitators to expand the program to more students through the use of additional school staff members. Furthermore, the results of the aforementioned
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