Evaluation System For Student Growth And Learning

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According to the National Education Association the teacher assessment and evaluation is used to strengthen the knowledge, skills dispositions, and classroom, practices of professional education. The aim of the evaluation to promote student growth and learning. Comprehensive systems that support teacher evaluation will foster professionally and instructionally. I will give an overview evaluation systems failures supported national education association and my personal experiences in the professional. In addition, I will elaborate and critique North Carolina evaluation system for teachers. However, evaluation systems have had negative impacts on current systems. Current systems have failed to improve teacher practice and enhance student growth and learning. Summative observations performed by school principals lack training on observations. Many administrators do not receive continuous professional development from their local district. This impacts teacher’s observations because principals can produce actionable feedback. Using evaluation checklist are often meaningless when the checklist are designed to depict good practice. “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail”. (Nate & Gallimore 2010 p.67) Evaluation systems failed to identify teacher professional growth and provide professional learning opportunities tailored to the instructional need. All teachers have different strength and weakness instructional. Therefore, teachers should attend professional development for
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