Evaluation : Training Evaluation Opportunity Background

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Section II – Training Evaluation Opportunity Background The main purpose of this investigation is to determine the best evaluation strategies that are available that align with the objectives of Charles Schwab which includes growth in the industry through building trust by putting clients at the heart of the experience and creating products, services, and platforms that not only meet the client’s financial goals, but help shape the industry (Charles Schwab, n.d.). To determine the best evaluation strategies Charles Schwab could use, an investigation of current strategies is discussed along with current performance statistics. In addition to the current state of the industry and Charles Schwab, an analysis of external best practices of…show more content…
Market Share: refers to the increase in new clients with larger assets under management while maintaining current clientele which includes increasing return on investment and profitability (Innis & la Londe, 1994). Objectives: refers to the goals wanting to be achieved through the use of a training program which could include improving the customer service performed by employees who exhibit all the activities required of their position (Buys, & Louw, 2012). Performance Measurement: The measurement of performance is defined as the measurement of internal and external customer satisfaction, efficiency of operations, quality of service, continuous improvement efforts, public and social responsibilities, and financial performance (Curtright, Stolp-Smith, & Edell, 2000). Retirement Recordkeeper: A recordkeper is responsible for maintaining and tracking all participant data and assists the regional plan coordinator by designing enrollment forms and participant statements along with updates; reconciling information with the depository or custodian or transfer agent; allocating contributions and earnings; and providing allocation schedules (Subramanian, 1996). Behavior: refers to the transfer of what is learned into change of behavior as a result of the training
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