Essay on Evaluation and Program Research

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CNDV 5328 Research and Program Evaluation Final Project CNDV 5382 Final Course Project The Importance of using Research to Advance the Counseling Profession Being able to read, understand, and effectively apply research in practice is an important part of the counselor’s job. Research is a systematic investigation that involves collecting, analyzing, and interpreting information in a sequential manner in order to increase our understanding of the phenomenon of interest. Counselors who conduct research become interested in a topic and a specific question; they set about gathering the data needed to answer the question, analyze the data, and report results to others in the profession. To be confident that what we find is…show more content…
Surveys were completed at either the meeting space of the local LGB youth group, a local coffee bar, or the LGB community center. Participants were compensated $20 because of the time and transportation demands of participation in this study. Instruments were administered in four different orders to control for any potential order effects. This study examined the relations between school climate and school adjustment among 101 lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) high school students and the moderating influence of social support on those relations. Students completed surveys to assess three aspects of the school climate (the school’s exclusion/inclusion of LGB people, personal victimization in school for being LGB, and social support from teachers) as well as social support from family and close friends. Criterion variables were GPA, school belonging, and discipline problems. School climate variables explained significant amounts of variance in all criterion variables, after controlling for prior GPA, and there were no moderating effects of parent or friend support. (Murdock & Bolch, 2005) Quantitative design. The article, “The Social Environment and Suicide Attempts in Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youth,” uses a
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