Evaluation of Apple’s Global Corporate Strategy

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Evaluation of Apple’s Global Corporate Strategy Student Name: Satisfactory Pass Student Number: 12032013 Module: Global Corporate Strategy Module Code: PGBM16 Contents 1. Introduction 1 2. Question One - Core Competences and Dynamic Capabilities 1 2.1 Core Competences and Dynamic Capabilities 1 2.2 Apple’s Competences and Dynamic Capabilities 2 2.3 Dell’s Core Competences and Dynamic Capabilities 3 3. Question Two - Strategic Alliance and Merger and Acquisitions 3 3.1 Strategic Alliance 3 3.2 Merger and Acquisitions 4 3.3 How these strategic options can help Apple maximize its shareholders value? 5 4. Question Three - Strategic Leadership and Innovation 6 4.1 Apple’s Diffusion of innovation…show more content…
Apparently, Apple’s core competences is the second one. Apple’s products always enjoy innovations and high-end techniques so that it can always provide unique features in its products. With Apple’s Mac products, it highlighted features which are different from other PCs manufacturers. The features for Apple’s products include attractive design, easy use, high quality bundled software and security (Inkpen & Ramaswamy, 2006). Innovation and product differentiation are the core competencies of Apple Company. The differentiation of Apple’s product is from aspects of product design, educational skills and digital entertainment. In terms of the development of mouse input, graphical user interfaces, networking, and supporting software etc., Apple is always regarded as the leader of computer industry. This leader position is brought by its product innovation and differentiation. On the other hand, Apple has lead the computer industry to enter a new era where the PC and related software and hardware to be the hub of a digital lifestyle, which become an interconnected and entire multimedia solution. Compared with Apple products, other competitors’ only provide single products with lower connectivity possibility and lower value (Inkpen & Ramaswamy, 2006). In terms of dynamic capability, it is hard for Apple’s rivals to learn from Apple’s knowledge and techniques. Steven Jobs and his team had combined the

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