Evaluation of Ayala Lands Corporations Through Financial Ratio Analysis

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EVALUATION OF (AYALA LANDS CORPS) THROUGH FINANCIAL RATIO ANALYSIS A Group Final Output Presented to the Faculty of the Department of Business and Management College of Management and Economics of the Visayas State University ____________________________________________________ In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in MGMT 143: Financial Management ____________________________________________________ Submitted by: Abanes, Roselyn M. Bayno, Kenneth L. Darbe, Niña Jean M. Garde, Fatima Grace B. Owite, Iris C. Quillo, Julie C. GROUP I (Write your Group Number) (Names of Members in Alphabetical Order with Family Names First, Followed by the First Name, then Middle…show more content…
Analysts will typically look for companies within the same industry and develop an industry average, which they will compare to the company they are evaluating. Ratios per industry are also provided by Bloomberg and the S&P. These are good sources of general industry information. Unfortunately, there are several companies included in an index that can distort certain ratios. If we look at the food and beverage ratio index, it will include companies that make prepared foods and some that are distributors. The ratios in this case would be distorted because one is a capital-intensive business and the other is not. As a result, it is better to use a cross-sectional analysis, i.e. individually select the companies that best fit the company being analyzed. 2. Aggregate economy - It is sometimes important to analyze a company's ratio over a full economic cycle. This will help the analyst understand and estimate a company's performance in changing economic conditions, such as a recession. 3. The company's past performance – This is a very common analysis. It is similar to a time-series analysis, which looks mostly for trends in ratios. B. Objectives of the Study 1. To have the industrial marketing of the corporation. 2. Determination of each property nationwide. 3. To know what are their marketing strategy. C. Significance of the Study D. Scope and Limitations of the

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