Evaluation of Bali Bombings Legal Responses

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Evaluate the effectiveness of the legal and non-legal responses to the Bali Bombings

The 2002 Bali Bombings were a series of suicide bombing attacks on the popular western tourist district of Kuta, Bali - an island of Indonesia. The attack occurred on October 12, 2002 and took the lives of 202 people; 88 of which were Australian nationals. This response will evaluate the legal and non-legal responses to the Bali Bombings according to the following criteria: resource efficiency, accessibility, enforceability, responsiveness, protection of individual rights, meeting society 's needs and the application of the rule of law, and aims to answer the question that, in this case, has justice been
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In the following days, the AFP conducted thorough forensic investigations into the source of the bombings, as well as the scenes of the crimes. The forensic material was then processed in Australia after an emergency amendment to the Crimes Act, 1901 (Cth) was passed. This speedy response from the nations federal politicians allowed the processing of forensic data from offshore (Bali) in the highly sophisticated labs located in Australia. This quick response is what ensured the integrity of the forensics and ultimately what allowed the bombers to be arrested. With the support of forensic examination, the investigation progressed quickly. This led to the arrest by the INP of the first suspect, Amrozi bin Nurhasyim (Amrozi), on November 5, 2002, and the subsequent identification of other suspects. A second joint INP and AFP investigation team was formed to pursue the remaining suspects, which led to the arrest of Imam Samudra and a number of other suspects on 21 November 2002. This was followed by the arrests of Ali Ghufron (Muklas) on December 4, 2002, and Ali Imron on January 12, 2003. The rapid legal responses from the AFP and the Parliament is what allowed the arrest of the bombers, in what was a greatly effective response.

Not only was the AFP 's response a legal one, but also a non-legal one. A major operation was then undertaken

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