Evaluation of Different Artefacts

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For this paper I have evaluated three different artefacts. I will present this portfolio, along with an examination of these sources for use in future evidence-based nursing practice. The focus of the paper is adolescent pregnancy in the Australian context. The first artefact that I have examined is "Mental Health for Children and Families" by McLeod, Currie and Gordon. This artefact contains a number of learning objectives, providing information about national health priorities, a knowledge of national standards for mental health services, identification of prevention, early detection and early intervention strategies as well as the identification of corresponding health promotion programs that inform parents. The presentation covers these subjects in a simple, digestible manner equivalent to a basic overview of the subject. It is informative on that level, but would be inadequate for anything other than a starting point. A practitioner would need to be aware of each of these issues in significantly more detail than is presented in this artefact. It does, however, do a good job of introducing the issues, such as tocophobia, postnatal depression and the management strategies to deal with these issues. From a critical perspective, the overview approach is inherently limited, in that the practitioner will need to seek out more details on any of these subjects before attempting to work with them. Arguably, this creates a mismatch between the material and the audience this
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