Evaluation of Educational Testings Essay

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Learning Activity 4 – Evaluation of Educational Tests

Part 1: Description
A. Title of the test: School Motivation and Learning Strategies Inventory
B. Acronym used: SMALSI
C. Authors: Stroud, Kathy Chatham & Reynolds, Cecil R.
D. Publisher: Western Psychological Services
E. Year of publication: 2006
F. Intended grade/age level of use: Ages 8-12, 13-18
G. Intended purpose: To measure strategies students actively employ in learning and test taking
H. Test category: Study skills
I. Description of test components: A manual, test forms for child and teen, profile sheets for child and teen, scoring template for child and teen, audio CD, and handbook.
Part II. Mental Measurements
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Allowing the reader to copy the forms makes it economical and convenient to use. The manual's review of possible interventions by instructional component provides useful reminders of good educational practice. There are no tests to administer – only forms and checklists. No reliability or validity included.
Part III. Publisher’s Website
A. Publisher’s website for this test: http://www.soprislearning.com/assessment/functional-assessment-of-academic-behavior
B. Overview of pricing:
1. $80.95 for Functional Assessment of Academic Behavior consists of a manual subtitled Creating Successful Learning Environments, with a series of checklists, questionnaires, and rating scales contained in the appendices.
C. From the publisher’s website:
1. Rather than focusing on what's "wrong" with a student, this assessment tool evaluates the student's entire learning environment—instructional setting, home, and home/school relationship—to help create effective interventions.
2. FAAB is an updated and expanded version of The Instructional Environment System–II (TIES–II).
3. Related products – Best Behavior, Behavior Intervention Planning, Functional Assessment and Intervention Planning (FAIP)
Part IV: Evaluation – Based on my research of School Motivation and Learning Strategies Inventory (SMALSI), I would not recom`mend purchasing this product even though
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