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The Effectiveness of Immigration Threatens American Culture The essay Immigration Threatens American Culture is written by Lawrence Auster In this essay, the author will evaluate the effectiveness of Auster’s paper in terms of its claims, evidence, and the presentation of the claims and evidence.

The author’s main claim is that post-1965 immigration is threatening the American Culture. It is clearly stated fairy early in this essay because the author makes a clear introduction, lists many examples of the negative influence of outside culture on American society, and then stresses the thesis. In terms of his subsidiary claims, he proposes the reason why American people allow the negative impact of immigration take
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(Auster, 2002) In addition, the evidence is not very convincing. For example, in the The surrender of the American mainstream section, the author quotes former President George Bush’s speech in Miami during the 2000 campaign, the author argues that the bilingualism of Bush would damage the fundamental thing of America: language, however his evidence is not convincing. (Auster, 2002) The author does address opposing views fairly, but he fails to counter successfully. For instance, he criticizes that President George Bush promotes “the development of foreign languages and unassimilated foreign cultures in this country”, but we could not find his strong counter of the quotation. Especially in the second sector, he successively uses three “Presumably”, which indicate that even he is not quite clear with the Conservatives’ behavior. (Auster, 2002)

In terms of the presentation, the author’s tone is very pessimistic, negative and extreme. It could be seen that the author is very opposed to the immigration to America. He also fears the immigration will destroy American culture. He even uses some words, which could obviously express his emotions, such as negative, threat, fear, defenseless, tragic error, abandon the temporary idea. (Auster, 2002) The overall essay gives reader a sense of skepticism and. Though the claim of the essay is very extreme, and the evidence is not very supportive, the overall text is relatively well organized, because it has a clear

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