Evaluation of Erin Brockovich Leadership Essay

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It takes a very strong, dedicated leader to take the road less traveled by in order to stand behind what they believe is right or wrong. The easy route may seem more appealing to most because there is no challenge and you can almost always predict the outcome. Dr. Ronald W. Roskens, an internationally known and respected leader, gave a speech titled, Ethical Leaders: The Wide and Easy Way, and stated, “Leaders can choose the easy way out, or they can attempt to apply ethics to their decisions and actions. True leaders are principled individuals, who assume their positions because they have earned the respect and, in certain sense, the allegiance of others.” This is the perfect definition of an ethical leader. Julia Roberts portrays …show more content…
It is clear that Erin Brockovich contains all seven components of this model, which have clearly outlined her leadership development for the greater good. The steps in ethical decision-making are as follows: 1. Stop and think, 2. Clarify goals, 3. Determine facts, 4. Develop Options, 5. Consider consequences, 6. Choose, 7. Monitor and modify (Josephson, 2002). These seven steps are shown in this short scene as well. First Erin thought of all of the possibilities. Then she realized that convincing Ed to expand the lawsuit is her goal. They determined the facts that it would be a hard case, PG&E is a huge company, and they would need more evidence. After that, Erin stated the options to either let it go, knowing that PG&E is poisoning and harming people or fight for justice. Ed stated that PG&E could burry them in paperwork and appeals and put them in debt. Finally they chose to expand the lawsuit despite all the possible consequences. And then Ed proceeded to tell Erin to modify her research to prove PG&E are aware that they were poisoning and harming people. There are six pillars of character that describe an ethical leader: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship (Josephson, 2002). One scene that depicts these six characteristics in Erin Brockovich is in the end when she gives Donna Jensen the news that PG&E was had settled for $338 million with
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