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Evaluation of Football Football is a demanding sport and each player has different jobs, as there are many different positions. Each player in a different position needs particular skills that make him or her effective at playing in their chosen role. If players were to be played in a position that didn’t use their skills to their full potential, then that player would not perform at a high level. As a centre midfielder, I need to do the job that ensures that my team either regains possession of the ball before the opposition can shoot on goal, or keeps the ball in order to try and create a goal-scoring opportunity. I also have specific skills that make me effective at playing as a centre…show more content…
By tackling an opponent a midfielder then regains possession for his or her team, this can lead to an attack been made which could lead to a goal scoring opportunity. Tackling is an extremely important skill and can also be very effective. * Anticipation- when an attacking opposition player is approaching, good anticipation tells us when to tackle and at what time. By having good anticipation players can tackle effectively and prevent themselves from committing fouls. Also when the ball has been played either on the floor or in the air, good anticipation allows us to intercept the pass or to judge when to head the ball. * Heading- this skill can be very effective in both attacking and defending areas. If the ball is in the air heading is the best skill to use. Heading allows players to clear the ball from near their own area, to intercept an airborne pass, to pass to another player, or to head at goal and attempt to score. Like tackling heading is very effective and important for a midfielder. * Passing- passing is probably the most important skill in football. Every player needs to be able to pass a ball. If a player cannot pass a ball properly then he or she puts their team at risk as they will most probably give away possession to the other team. As a midfielder, I
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