Evaluation of Play War Horse Essay

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An evaluation of the play ‘War Horse’, showing your understanding of the medium and elements used and your response.

On Monday the 21st of September I went to see the play ‘War Horse’ at the New London Theatre. The play was directed by Marianne Elliot and Tom Morris and is written about the novel ‘War Horse’ by Michael Morpurgo. The play is about a horse, Joey. He is sold to the English cavalry and is shipped off to France were we serves in WW1. His owner, Albert desperate not to lose Joey, enlists in the army despite the fact that he is under aged. Albert embarks on a treacherous journey on a quest to find Joey. The play is based upon the horse’s perspectives and views. War Horse is trying to emphasis the strong brutality of war, and
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A stylised moment was when Joey met the tank during the war scene; this moment was very intense as Joey was faced with a huge big tank that he cannot compete against. It shows the old technology in this case the horse meeting the new technology the tank. As Joey meets the tank he screams and gallops fast past the tank, while doing so Joey breaths rapidly. This is shown when the actors controlling the horse move the stomach inwards and out. There is a use of strobe lighting effects into the audience to make them feel Joey’s fear and panic that he is going through. In addition there is loud classical music playing in the background to intensify the emotions that the horse is going through. When Joey is first faced with the tank he runs, this is shown by the clever use of the revolve. The use of juxtapositioning occurs here, as it shows the old warfare facing the new warfare.

The death of Major Nicholls is also a much stylised moment as it involves physicalisation.
With great timing other actors moves Major Nicholls’s body to perform a summersault as he falls to his death. Another reason why this moment is a symbolic moment in the play is because as he falls to his death he breaks his promise with Albert. As Albert got to say his last goodbyes to Joey, Major Nicholls promised Albert that Joey will be in good hands, and that he will take care of him.

Another stylised moment is when the ship with the wounded soldiers leaves France to head back to England, and the
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