Evaluation of Religion in America

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Evaluation of Religion In America Religion in America is very important for many people in America and in a nation of 300 million plus people many different religions are observed. In a country as large and diverse as this one there are many different opinions about the various religions in existence in the United States. Depending on where you are or who you’re talking people are either accepting or not accepting of a diverse religious nation. As we all know religion, politics, and race are very divisive topics and brings up a lot of heated emotions in people. America is advertised as a nation that allows people the freedom to live whatever life they can dream up, including practicing the religion of their choice without the threat of…show more content…
They also point out that Muslims from the Middle East living in the United States have experience racial/religious discrimination 25 percent of the time and in some cases almost every day (Akbaba and Fox). This figures show that even though people are free on paper to exercise their religious freedom physically speaking might be a different case. This is why I think that religious freedom is only part-true because you no matter how many laws you make against the physical actions of people, you can’t make laws for people’s hearts and minds. The next statement about religions in America will deal with whether the United States is not only a Christian nation but, if it’s a Protestant Christian nation. The United States in history as was mentioned throughout this paper that it has had issues with non-Christian religions. These next few paragraphs will explore some of the issues between intra-Christian and whether the country is Protestant in nature. If you study history more specifically the history of religion you’ll realize that many of the people who founded the United States were the descendants of people who had Protestant Christian origins. In fact, Glenn A. Moots states, “ The English, Scots-Irish, French, Germans, and Dutch who first came to America were likely most familiar with the Reformed tradition and favored it over the Lutheran and
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