Evaluation of Walgreens Company

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Walgreens CO. | EVALUATION OF WALGREENS CO. | Managerial finance project | | Contents Walgreens CEO 1 The board of directors 2 How much trading volume is there on the stock? 4 Does the firm has any has publicly traded debt? 4 Societal constraint 4 Liquidity ratios 4 Overall risk of company 8 Marginal investors in the company 9 Estimate the default risk and cost of debt of your company 9 Weights of debt and equity 10 Regression 10 WACC and CAPM 11 Evaluating the firm´s current investment 12 Choice of the optimal financing mix 13 Analyses of the current financing decisions 14 Dividend Policy Evaluation 15 Walgreens CEO Gregory D. Wasson is the president of Walgreens, and CEO effective since…show more content…
L.P. Elected 2012 Stefano Pessina, Executive Chairman, Alliance Boots GmbH Elected 2012 Nancy M. Schlichting, President and Chief Executive Officer, Henry Ford Health SystemElected 2006 David Y. Schwartz, Former Partner, Arthur Andersen LLP Elected 2000 Alejandro Silva, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Evans Food Group, Inc. Elected 2008 In Walgreens board of directors there are two inside directors which is acceptable ratio. Best practice recommends at least ¾ of board members should be independent which is in case of Walgreens satisfied. From other indicators of lack of independence there is only business relationship issue because Nancy M. Schlichting, President and Chief Executive Officer, Henry Ford Health is customer of the Walgreens Co. Also Stefano Pessina, Executive Chairman, Alliance Boots GmbH is customer of the company and his company is in the joint ventures with Walgreens in Europe.Also he is one of the major direct share holders of the company. Having one major share holder in board of directors is generally good because he has big interest to represent interest of the shareholders in the board. We didn’t find that any of the board members were employed with the company in the past and interlocking directorship is not found neither. There is three female board members which is very good number taking the highest number of females in the board
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