Evaluation of a Theatrical Performance - the Woman in Black Essay

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Evaluation of a Theatrical Performance. Play: Women in Black. Style: Gran Guignal. Our drama assessment was to watch the play “Woman in Black” at the Fortune Theatre in London. The original 1950’s play starred Orlando Wells and Michael Mears as the two main and only characters and directed by Robin Hereford. Set. As the curtain raised and the performance began a minimalist set was revealed; stool, chair, basket and a coat-rack. Initially, the minimalist set predicted that the play would be slow-moving, however the lack stage furniture actually focused the audience even more on the storyline, as there were few distractions. This also allowed the actors to effectively include Drama Mediums such as multiple prop. The actors…show more content…
His body language changed, his accent, his stance and also his prop. Orlando Wells, on the other hand, only seemed to play two main parts, neither very interesting. He too used emotion in his voice very clearly as it was believable, however, Mears’ performance was more impressive. Another good aspect of the Characterisation was that they both had multiple roles plus they were narrators. At one point Michael Mears turned to a narrator very clearly by standing at the front corner of the stage in a spotlight, he would talk directly to the audience, filling them in on details which could possibly be misunderstood. I liked this because there were some moments in the play which I didn’t quite understand but Michael Mears explained them all as narrator. Sequence and Units of Action. My most memorable moment was when the armchair started rocking , this built up tension in the audience as nobody knew what was making that noise. Another memorable instance was the moment when the previously locked door swung open accompanied by an ear-deafening scream. Everybody jumped back in their seats and it made me laugh because we were all so scared it was just the shock and emphasis from absolute silence and mystery to a belting scream and a door banging open which intensified the effect. The most psychologically scary

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