Evaluation of the Opening Scenes of an Episode of the X-Files

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Evaluation of the Opening Scenes of an Episode of the X-Files The opening sequence of the 'X-Files' episode 'Tooms' uses a variety of techniques to capture the attention of the audience. The 'X-Files' is a very popular television series written by Chris Carter. The series can be described as a 'hybrid' genre because it reflects a number of different genres. The obvious genre is Science Fiction because one of the main themes of the series is the paranormal. However there are strong elements of the Mystery/Detective genre as the two main characters, which are FBI investigators, seek to find the truth of the paranormal. There is also a Horror/Gothic element to the series because many investigations…show more content…
The affect of this is that the man seems vulnerable, and raises the audience's suspicion of what is going to happen to him. There is then a tracking shot of the man inter-cut with a close up of a roadside drain, where the creature 'Tooms' is lurking. When focused on the drain, the camera slowly zooms in. when the camera cuts back to the man; it is a low angle tracking shot. This low angle shot gives the impression to the audience that they are looking through the eyes of whatever is in the drain. This gives the scene a sinister and foreboding atmosphere. This is emphasised when the camera zooms in of the businessman in a low angle shot and gradually becomes slow motion. The entire colour is then drained out of the frame except for the man. This emphasises the earlier point, and suggests the creature in the drain is focusing all his attention and malice on the man. At this point there is a section of music that sounds computer generated, almost alien. This adds to the malice of the creature and is repeated throughout the opening scene when there is evidence that the creature in the drain is near. This shot is then followed by a close up of the drain, showing two strange pale eyes. This maintains the audiences attention because it makes them want to discover what is in the drain and why it is there. The camera then cuts to a shot of a

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