Evaluation of the Strategic Management in the Global Competitive Environment.

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The purpose of this report is to evaluate the process of the strategic management in the global competitive environment.
The globalization of the business in our environment has been a source for global organizations to incorporate the process of a global strategic management.
In this report, we are going to propose three different frameworks from three different group of authors: Yip, Johnson and Scholes, and Cavusgil and Zou.
However, theses proposed framework would be analysed and compared and we would give a critical evaluation of theses frameworks.
Through this evaluation we would give some examples about relevant companies in order to explain the theories, and how does the competitive environment affect
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Indeed, as we can suppose a multilocal strategy differs from a global strategy.
The same author, Yip, defines a multilocal strategy treating “competition in each country or region on a stand-alone basis, while global strategy takes an integrated approach across countries and regions”.
To resume, a global strategy could be “defined as the way a business competes in a global market, plays a vital role in determining the performance of a business in the global market”, ( Zou and Cavusgil, 1995).
Define global strategy is seen as a difficult task because our environment is in permanent change and companies need to these changes the most efficiently possible.

3. Definition of Strategic Management

Initially, Strategic management would involve the degree of implication of people, and especially managers in order to define, decide and execute a strategy. so as, Johnson and Scholes, can underlines the term strategic management engross the importance of managers with regard to strategy, (2008).
And they suppose, strategic management differs from operational management.
Indeed, operational management requires to deal with issues arising in the operational control, all the operations like the production, the management, the financial performance.
Thus operational control is what managers are involved in most of their time. It is a
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