Evaluation of the Work of the Group

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Evaluation of the Work of the Group Before the workshop began, I knew little about the death penalty, what qualifies a criminal to receive this sentence, and countries in which the death penalty was accepted. The workshop included different methods of bringing the texts to life and to develop the classes understanding of each task. Each stimulus that was studied also gave a different viewpoint to the death penalty, by displaying opinions through a speculation or a monologue. Every stimulus also described scenes which differed from others socially, culturally and historically. Though each stimulus was studied using a variety of explorative strategies, and showed…show more content…
"The Hands of Time" was also culturally similar to "Long Black Veil" as both stimuli's' were set in America. Using conscience alley one actor performed the role of the guilty party walking to the electric chair, while the other contributed the accused thoughts and feelings about what he had done, and what was yet to come. The narration was very effective as it created an atmosphere to the scene. Combined with the restricted, guilty actions of the character walking to the 'killing chair' (as the song states), the narration gave the scene a haunting impression. Some groups used climax at the end of their performance to emphasise the escalation of the guilty party's thoughts and feelings as the approached the electric chair. This could be done by an increased volume and speed of the narrator's voice to represent the flustered and confused wishes and apologies. The almost diary-like narration allowed the audience to listen to every thought which occurred to the guilty, whether it was abstract or clear. Narration was used often with different tasks as the way voices are spoken emphasises a scene, the images being portrayed to the audience and the situation all the concerned actors are featured in. Following "The Hands of Time", we studied "Our
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