Evaluative Report

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Evaluative report
A communication report on a dining experience

Executive summary
This report presents the dining experience in the famous restaurant pancake on the rocks. This report covers the impression of the restaurant and observation on the staff and service process. On the hand, there are some problem been found out during the dining period, the finding will following by the impression of the decoration. While to indicate the hospitality employees use the professional service to the customer. Food and beverage is excellent and attack both of demotic customer and international tourist. Pancake on the rocks has the high reputation within Sydney region area. The discussion results are analysis each finding and give the academic
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Wood table and chair will make looks more traditional. Table setting is simple and non-professional; there is no table cloths and napkin folder. The only problem it the narrow space between each table. It is hard to move the table and chairs.
Hospitality employees
Hospitality work is complex and cooperate team work. It required all the hospitality staff has fully food and beverage trained before they start work. The staffs from Pancake on the Rocks are lack of the training, on the service period, staff cannot explain the menu probably and also cannot explain the ingredient on each dishes. When the staff service the food, cannot followed the sequence order. As a student study in hospitality management, it will easily to find out the staff mistake during the service. Another problem found that staff cannot clean the table immediately after finished each course. Because of the cleaning process, there are lots of people waiting outside.
Food and beverage
Pancake on the rocks is famous on the pancake; the idea of the restaurant is bringing the pancake to Australia. In American eat pancake just about the much same things as Australia eat toast. Therefore, people dining in the pancake in order to get the delicious pancake. In additions, there are some nice steak and salad, pizza provide by the pancake on the rocks. The beverage in the pancake is nice and unique. Both hot and cold drink provide, also have the light beer and cocktail. Pancake on the rocks also
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