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Evan Lalor English 10 Mrs. RB 12 April 2017 Was Jeffrey Dahmer Insane One of the most infamous serial killers of the 20th century was named Jeffrey Dahmer, whose horrific murders shocked the nation. In many ways people would think Jeffrey Dahmer was insane because he killed 17 people and tried to turn them into living zombies for his self pleasure. Jeffrey Dahmer had mental struggles starting at a young age and throughout his life, Some say he had a mental illness. (Jeffrey Dahmer |Crime Library| serial killers) Jeffrey Dahmer was born on May 21st 1960 in West Allis Wisconsin. His childhood life wasn’t the greatest. His parents said he was a normal kid until the age of 4, when he had surgery for a double hernia. This surgery seemed to…show more content…
In total Jeffery Dahmer killed 17 people throughout his crime spree and was arrested 4 times . There were many people affected by the actions of Jeffrey Dahmer such as the victim 's, family, and the community of Milwaukee. Total, there were 17 men in total that were killed. Jeffrey would go to gay bars and meet the men, take them home and then kill them. According to the article Crime Museum it stated, He first tried to attack a 13 year old boy but the boy got away and went to police. Dahmer was arrested and sentenced five years probation. According to the book Notorious Lives, just three weeks after graduating high school he had picked up a 18 year old hitchhiker named Steven Hicks in 1978 and brought him back to his parent’s house and forced him to do sexual actions with him. Then after he struck him in the head with a dumbbell and killed him. Stevens friends and family had reported him missing after 6 days from his disappearance. Jeff didn 't kill for another nine years. Steven Tuomi was the second victim, which he met at a bar and brought him home and then killed him. Dahmer however claims he has no memory of committing that crime. One of those victims was Anthony Sears, which Dahmer had killed him and kept his skull in a freezer where he kept other

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