Evan Wasted No Time. He Laid Down On His Horn Revving His

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Evan wasted no time. He laid down on his horn revving his engine at the vehicle in front of him. “Come on, Move!” he yelled out his window at the other motorist. The driver of the van caught Evan’s impatience and edged forward, but there was no place for him to go. That didn’t matter, though, because Evan had all the room he needed. In a fluid motion, he forced his steering wheel as far to the right as it would allow and he let down on the gas. The Pontiac’s engine shot up with the flood of fuel and the vehicle lunged forward into the right lane clipping the front fender of a Toyota. The driver of the Toyota then yelled out, “What the hell are you doing, you lunatic?” in fright and anger, her face contorted over Evan’s…show more content…
Evan weaved off the shoulder and onto the grass nearly going into a ditch as he made his way around a police cruiser. He then swerved back onto the highway navigating around an ambulance. The shouts of, “Hey, pull over!” could be heard coming from officers on the scene. Evan tapped the brakes as he blew past two more officers and another police unit, then he edged along the side of a big rig parked on the edge of the road. At the front of the semi, several officers stood along with another cruiser that was parked horizontally in the middle of the roadway blocking traffic, its lights fully enforced. The officers looked up from what appeared to be a dead body lying prone in the roadway, its head concaved, and blood pooling in an outward radius as it trickled down the small slope of the roadway as it headed for the shoulder. They scattered when they saw the Pontiac quickly approaching. Evan took the GTO to the far side of the cruiser and managed to circumvent around it and the body, but in doing so had forced an officer to jump the cement divide that lined the inner portion of the highway. A few officers had pulled their weapons as they shouted at Evan, but they didn’t have time to use them before the Ford came barreling full-bore through the crime scene slamming into the horizontal cruiser, then striking an

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