Evangelical And Neo-Orthodox Movements

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The modern world saw three theological movements representing various view on the nature and authority of the scriptures. The Liberal, Evangelical and Neo-Orthodox movements all attempted to define what was true in relations to God, Jesus, and the scriptures and how it should be applied to the Christian’s life. Each movement also had their own view on the history of the scriptures and Jesus Christ.
Those supporting the Liberal theological movement felt the Church had been corrupted by philosophical additions and sought to make Christianity relevant to the current times searching how to bridge the gap between the first century and modern times. This movement also exhibited a shift on their focus regarding religion from divine to more human. In the
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These individuals have been concerned with the truthfulness of the Scriptures and how to interpret them. Evangelicals believed the Scriptures were the inspired and infallible Word of God but did not deny it’s human characteristic focusing on the humanity of scriptures. They also understood that this can lead to misinterpretation of the scriptures and insisted that one must take into consideration the language and time they were written in order to understand their message. Page 264

The Neo-Orthodox movement believed that theology is not the study of human philosophy or religious experiences but of God’s word and authority of Christian theology is found in the Gospels. The Scriptures are God speaking to man in Jesus and these are his personal revelations to us. Supporters of this movement both accepted the Scriptures but also criticized them in ways such as questioning the authorship of some books in the Bible. The Neo-Orthodox movement also stressed that God’s word is not found in a static document to be dissected and analyzed but is active that control’s one
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