Evangelical Movements

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Since the beginning of the twenty-first century the nature and authority of scripture have been issues regarding the Christian Faith. Throughout this paper the nature and authority of scripture will be surveyed in reference to three theological movements: Evangelical, Liberal, and Neo-Orthodox. All three theological movements will be explored by examining the issues, implications, and analysis and application of the Evangelical, Liberal, and Neo-Orthodox movements.
The Issues
The evangelicalism movement dates to the eighteenth century and is the earliest movement of the three movements. Evangelicalism originally took place in Britain and the British colonies and is connected to Puritanism and Pietism. Those who are in accordance with the beliefs
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Per Lane, evangelicals “have always been concerned about the truthfulness of Scripture”, although debates about the ‘infallibility’ or ‘inerrancy’ of the Bible have arose (Lane, 260). Strength of evangelicalism includes the belief in evangelizing the world by spreading the word of God to others. The beliefs of evangelicals have greatly influence Christian orthodoxy and orthopraxy. Evangelical’s believe that one of the main jobs of a Christian is to help in the spreading of the word of God, along with other fellow Christians. In the liberal movement Friedrich Schleiermacher attributed his insight on some aspects of Christian orthodoxy and orthopraxy. Schleiermacher upbringing was greatly influenced by Pietistic thought and he divided religion and theology. Schleiermacher believed religion involved more than knowledge and action, but instead distinct. This influenced his founding of the liberal movement and thought by going beyond claims of Pietist tradition. Lane lastly discusses that Liberal theology is comprised of “the combination of an inadequate view of human sinfulness, leading to a defective view of the work of Jesus Christ, leading in turn to a low view of his person, recurs throughout Liberal theology.” (Lane, 240). The Neo-orthodoxy movement has notably contributed to theology of the twentieth century by emphasizing the…show more content…
I believe it is possible to be in a Christian community where the believers in it come from one or a mix of any of the three movements. From being raised in a Christian household, I have an understanding of the various views on the authority of scripture. After doing further research and writing this paper I have a deeper understanding of the authority and nature of scripture. I know the word of God is not just based on the inspiration of God, but that it is God-breathed and infallible. Having knowledge of that fact can help me when sharing scripture and what I have learned with the people out in the world. It is also important for us to not hold scripture above God, but instead use it to lead people to God through the scriptures. Reading about evangelicalism reminds me that we as children of God have a duty to be missionaries in our communities to help evangelize the world. God is counting on us to help grow his garden of souls. God is counting on us to plant the seed in someone who does not know or believe. With the help of God through the Holy Spirit the sharing of His Word should come easily and we must always remember that all things are possible through Christ. I will take the knowledge of the scripture I have gained and
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