Evangelism And Jesus : The Master 's Way

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Evangelism and Jesus: The Master’s Way
Robert Minor
Regent University

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The quality of the evangelism and discipleship program of any church determines the health and effectiveness of that church. Christ must be the head of the church before the church can evangelize the world. With that said its time to realistically look at the strategy Jesus used when he gathered His disciples. “He wasn’t concerned about programs that would reach the multitudes, but with men whom multitudes would follow” (Coleman 1972, p.21). Although Jesus did not abandon the crowds, His emphasis to personally train the twelve was essential during His earthly ministry. The problem in the church today is that leaders are teaching people how to become a Christian, but not a disciple. This has resulted in a church of unconcerned and unproductive Christians, Several key elements stand out when one studies the evangelism and discipleship methodology of Jesus, prayer, relationships, mission, and an evangelist servant attitude are the focal points

Evangelism and Jesus: The Master’s Way
The image of God is a basic motivation for evangelism. How can we not be concerned about the eternal destiny of God’s image-bearing creatures, no matter how sinful they have become. When a human being dies unsaved, it means that another person made in God’s image will spend eternity in Hell. “Jesus reminds us that all human beings are made in God’s image, that…
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