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Essential Guidelines for the Servant Evangelism Projects & Report

How to do the servant evangelism project

1. This Servant Evangelism Report must document TWO true, face-to-face encounters a. (not a virtual encounter – via www, email, IM etc) with unbeliever in a setting in which you served them unconditionally. The servant evangelism encounter must take place within the semester that the student is enrolled in this particular course.

2. The three P’s to Servant Evangelism-

b. P- PERSONAL: These 2 encounters must be personal- face to face- encounters done within this semester.

c. P- PRACTICAL/PHYSICAL: In both of these encounters you must meet the physical needs of another individual. Even
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Encounter 1

PART ONE – What were the circumstances surrounding your servant evangelism encounters.
- For example, where were you/what were you doing/what was going on when you began your conversation with the unbeliever? Or, how did you begin the conversation?

PART TWO – What was the reaction (questions/comments/statements) of the unbeliever?
-For example, was he/she hostile, penitent, curious, confused, etc? Explain, offer examples, paraphrased quotes, etc…If there was no reaction, what is your understanding of the encounter.
-Was it easy? Was it difficult? Did other people around you show interest in what you did? Would you serve others in that way again or would you try something different? Did you ask them if it was ok if you could pray for them?

PART THREE – Conclude with an evaluation of servant evangelism.

Example questions:
- Is this type of evangelism more or less to your liking?
-Would you recommend it to other believers or churches?
-How could you have improved the encounter?

-What have you learned about God and yourself and the imperative to be a servant?
- What did you do/say to the person in light of the person’s reaction to your servant evangelism encounter?
-Did you share Christ with them?
-Did you rehearse some important points made during the conversation so that it would “stick” with them
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