Evangelism Vision Paper 2

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Evangelism Vision Paper

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Contemporary Evangelism
EVAN 525

13 December 2013
Evangelism Vision Paper

Evangelism and my Christian walk Evangelism is a passion of mine and this semester has helped me to develop more as a person and strengthen my passion for evangelism. Usually when you hear the word Evangelism most of the time, you will start to fear because of rejection. During my Christian walk, sometimes I have experienced the fear of rejection as it relates to Evangelism. However, this semester has taught me not to fear." Evangelism is standing up for your faith even if everyone else remains seated 1(Earley and Wheeler
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This semester has been a revelation for me in my spiritual walk and building relationships with others. I have taken what I have learned in this class to bless others and encourage them that they can make it because God loves them. During the times of witnessing and servant hood, I have found so, many people that just want someone to listen and love them. My perception of people has changed because now I feel that I am more compassionate now, sensitive to the needs of others, humble, loving, and willing to be servant.
My Vision for Evangelism My vision for evangelism is denying self to serve and be reflection of Jesus as I minister and love others. I would like those attributes to be a part of my daily life and walk in the fruit of the Spirit so, that other people will feel the love of God. I have gained so much knowledge from this course that I can take what I have learned and apply it in my own life to become a better person and to help others. In my Christian walk, my vision is to look for ways to be a blessing to others and to make an impact in my family and community. Also, ministering the word of faith thereby, changing mindsets and lives. Therefore, to help equip the believer so that it will cause them to live according to the word of God. However, there are a few changes I feel that I need to make in my life to be more effective as

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