Evangelism Vision: a Lifetime Change

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Evangelism Vision: A Lifetime Change

A Paper
Submitted to Dr. Harold D. Bryant
In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Course
Contemporary Evangelism EVAN 565

Michael McKelvey
19 August 2011

What is the first thing that pops into your head when you think of evangelism? That’s scary! Am I going to be rejected? It’s not my spiritual gift! This paper explains the Great Commission and its relationship to evangelism on the vision and challenge of what God is doing in my life in the area of evangelism. It also looks at how I think of evangelism, gives explanation of evangelism and challenges my rethinking on how evangelism could be done in a way to help me begin to share my faith in new
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As we know from Scripture, where there is not a vision, the people will perish. With this in mind, my personal vision as it relates to the integration of evangelism into every part of my life has become a great burden upon my heart. The vision that I hold not only for the coming days but more so as a way of life can be described utilizing the concentric circles of concern as outlined by Thompson. Describing the concentric circles Thompson states, "Many of us come to study evangelism to go from Circle one how to Circle seven to save our consciences because there are ruptured relationships encircles two through six that we prefer to skip over." With this in mind, starts my vision for integrating evangelism into every part of my life. First is my relationship with Jesus Christ, second is my relationship to my wife and then to my children. Third, is to my brother and my sisters followed by my relatives and so on such as neighbors and associates, acquaintances, and person X.
One of the most significant impact this class has had on my views on future ministry, evangelism, and multiplication, involvement in church planting as a teaching minister is my desire to answer the call of the Great Commission as I incorporate my teaching duties toward fulfilling the commandment. The Great Commission of making disciples of all nations has been a burden and vision shared by me. A prime component of my conversion experience and of

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