Eva's Phoenix Case Study

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EVA’S PHOENIX PRINT SHOP CASE # 2 1) Briefly state what the case is about? The case is about a print shop located in Toronto known as Eva’s Phoenix print shop. It is a socially and environmentally responsible commercial printer that helps homeless and at risk youth achieve self-sufficiency. The enterprise success is contributed to its careful integration between commercial and social elements. Regardless of their useful synergy the separation of the departments would be advantageous as they can be more productive and efficient. Recently there have been complaints from clients in terms of satisfaction. The untrained youth were allowed to train and work on the client jobs simultaneously. This led to…show more content…
In the case of Eva 's Phoenix, one solution to reduce the conflict would be to reinstate their mission statement. This mission statement will serve the purpose of a communication tool. It will communicate to employees, customers, investors and other stakeholders the purpose of the organization, which is the maximization of profits, social causes and environment friendly initiatives/actions. The conflict will be reduced when the purpose is reinstated and employees are told that they are working towards mutual goals. Once the common goals are indentified they can work as a team and there will be less conflict as they are trying to achieve the exact same goals. Another way to reduce conflict would be the separation of commercial and social departments, to divide the departments into two functions. When they work together there is conflict, as production wants efficiency and social department wants to take the time to train the youth, so that they can acquire life lasting skills. Their conflicting views will create problems; therefore to avoid conflict their roles need to be divided with accountability, this will allow each function to work separately, but towards achieving common goal. Regardless of their separation the department should not work as silos and become integrated to share information, this help will them overcome the challenge of separation. Hiring street
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