Eve 's Bayou, A 1997 Film By Kasi Lemmons

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Eve’s Bayou, a 1997 film by Kasi Lemmons, displays the meaning of family. Eve Batiste is constantly abused and belittled by her father Louis Batiste. Louis’ role in the film includes fathering three children: Eve, Cicely, and Poe; also Louis is the husband of Roz Batiste. Louis betrays his wife and family for other women. He Even has’ sexual intercourse with another woman in the same place of his wife. Louis is not the best father figure for the kids and he also constantly cheats on his wife. Louis has multiple dilemmas that he has a problem getting rid of to help strengthen his family. In the film Eve’s Bayou, sex, drinking, and secrets lead to the death of Louis. Louis has a strange sex addiction that leads to his death. He has sex with his patients instead of giving them medicine. He says that sex soothes the soul more than medicine. Louis has sexual intercourse with Metty Mereaux, a family friend, and this leads to the suspicion from Eve. It was aid on an movie analysis site, ”Though he is married to beautiful Roz, he has a weakness for attractive female patients. Although Metty Mereaux is married, one night Louis attempts to have several intercourses with her. ” (IMDb 1). Louis has a strong problem with staying away from women. His wife thinks he is working. He is really out having sex with women and Eve knows all about it. A guy who is known for summarizing movies once said, “Louis is charismatic, gregarious, and especially friendly to attractive women. In fact

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