Evee Case Study

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Brief Answers I. Yes, Evee can bring a claim for under VII because her employer adversely affected her employment status because she was a woman with a new born. Additionally, they used a religious basis to justify their discrimination which is cover under title VII. A. Yes, Evee can establish that she was sexually discriminated because the court ruled that women with pregnancies, childbirth, or any medical conditions are to be treated the same in all purposes. B. Yes, Eve can prove that she was discriminated on a prima facie level using the three-factor test that the employer’s religious policy created discrimination conflict against women. C. No, Faith+1 was not able to accommodate Eve because they argued that it would create an undue hardship in the corporation.…show more content…
Yes, Faith+1 could be covered under the religious entity defense, the BFOQ defense, and the 1st amendment religion clauses. A. Maybe, Faith+1 will have to proves that they have a reason to maintain discriminatory practice(BFOQ) and how Evee failed her duty as a role model to the youth volunteers. B. Maybe, The court will have to use nine factors to determine if Faith+1 is a religious entity that would allow them to
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