Eveline by James Joyce Essay

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What is happiness? Does it have anything to do with freedom? Everyone would like to live, think, and act freely. Whenever we make our own decisions, we learn and experience something new whether it is good or bad, we are still happy with it because it is our free choice. We all learn about life by living it. If we are too afraid to take a step we cannot go anywhere. Every other decision is another risk, and every other risk makes our heart beat faster which makes life more desirable. We always need to look forward in life because we cannot go back in time, and change things that are already happened. Our past plays a big role in our future, but we should not get stuck in our memories if they keep us away from moving on. In “Eveline”, James…show more content…
What if she wanted to break the promise, and move on with her life? She was too young to be responsible for everything, but she did not have any other choices back then. Eveline was a hard worker. She lived in Dublin where people were poor and no one really had a great life. Things were not easy, and a lot of people were hopeless. Eveline had a simple and a boring life until she met Frank. She thought Frank was an amazing man who always had different stories to tell her. He was a sailor, so he traveled around a lot, and his words opened Eveline’s eyes. When Eveline’s father found out that she was seeing a sailor, he got very upset and had forbidden her to see him. Eveline and Frank would meet up secretly and try to keep their relationship alive. They both wanted to be together, and make each other happy, so they decided to run away, and start a new life together. Eveline was not a child anymore, and she knew what she wanted in her life. She really liked Frank, and she thought if she would go with him, her life would be better. If she would go to Buenos Aires , people would respect her and make her feel important. She knew she deserved a better life, and she did not want to be treated like her mother had been. Things got harder for Eveline after her mother passed away. Her father became more aggressive, and she was afraid of him. He had many rules at home, and Eveline did not feel free at all. She knew that her father loved her and cared for her, but he
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