Eveline by James Joyce Essay

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The choices we make in life will always have an effect on us one way or another in our future. The choices at times can help benefit or in some way destroy of life and our future. Fears of the unknown and change have always found a way of rearing their ugly head and making us second guess ourselves. At times, fear of the unknown is so great that the choice we were supposed to make becomes unthinkable, unbearable, and even unreachable. Not many people can deal with the tension of the fear even if it means eventually having a better life for them or someone else. However, there are people who are strong enough to fight it with everything they have in their body, mind, and sprit. There are people like Eveline who find a decision too…show more content…
In the story, Eveline “sat at the window watching the evening invade the avenue” (Meyer, 420). For most of the story she sat at the window just thinking. Thinking about how her life had turned out. Thinking about the promises she had made. Thinking about the two little children she had babysat. Sitting at the window just had her thinking about what could possibly be and the life she would be leaving behind. The window symbolizes many things in this story. Outside the window is a whole world waiting to be explored by her. Looking outside the window she can see many things she have never done before which is just a touch away. After her mother’s death Eveline did not find joy in the life she was living. She wanted to escape the life however she had made a promise to her mother and even though she is dead it was hard for Eveline to break it even at the cost of not living her life the way she wants too. In the passage the author James Joyce describe how life in the house had been for her, how good her life was before her mother had passed away. Looking out the window expresses her desired to escape the life she is living. Eveline sat at the window for hours just remembering how good of a childhood she had. The joy she use to feel as a child is has found its way to her life through Frank. Frank wanted to show her there is more to life than what she is use to. Many people want the opportunity but are afraid to grab the
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