Eveline 's Struggles By Eveline

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Eveline’s Struggles Although Eveline has to be the central life and the caretaker of her family’s home, she dwells on the past and fearing her life ahead of her. Eveline is seen as the woman in charge of the household. The narrator states, “Of course she had to work hard, both in the house and at business,” implying that she not only works hard around the home but also has a job where she earns her own money (Joyce). Eveline takes care of the home and has to keep it clean and together. Also, Eveline had been “treated as her mother had been” (Joyce). This could suggest that she is similar to her mother, so people treat her the same way that her mother had been treated. Her mother was the homemaker, and now Eveline has to accept that role. Eveline has “to rush out as quickly as she [can] and do her marketing” and then “[returns] home late under her load of provisions” (Joyce). She has to spend her shillings to acquire food for her family with little to no assistance from her father. According to Earl Ingersoll, “she has become the keeper of the pitifully meager household funds,” indicating that she is in charge of getting every item that relates to money. Furthermore, she has to walk to the market during night time just to provide the following night’s meal because her dad does other things during this time. Also, the narrator says, “She had hard work to keep the house together” (Joyce). Eveline has to work day in and day out just to maintain the house. She cleans, picks up
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