Even Muslims View Terrorists as False of Islam

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Today, there are more than 4,200 religions in the world, and 21 major religions that are followed in the millions and some even in the billions, there are two religions which utterly dominate every other religion in terms of followers. Christianity and Islam, both of which are Abrahamic religions, are similar in nature, out of which, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today. The compassion projected by Muslims has impressed me and has led me to admire the religion of Islam. The media is a deceptive tool and is often guilty of degrading Muslims as beings who lack humanity and as ones who endorse terrorist activities; however, the love I have received amongst my Muslim peers has caused me to believe otherwise. Violence is not condoned by Muslims, and even Muslims view terrorists as false of Islam. The Holy Quran promotes love and encourages its disciples to do so accordingly. The religion of Islam has impressed me, particularly two of the five pillars - Zakat and Sawm - as well as countless of meaningful verses which are contained in the Holy Quran. A pillar which strikes out to me the most is Zakat, which is a practise of giving alms or donations for those confronted by economic difficulties. The Arabic translation of Zakat is "that which purifies". This pillar is as mesmerizing as it commands the wealthy to mend those suffering from financial struggles. Islam states that wealth is only purified when a portion or 2.5% is donated for the benefit

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