Even Though Hitler As In Control Of Killing Men And Women,

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Even though Hitler as in control of killing men and women, his leadership helped Germany’s economy. Adolf Hitler, the soldier who was once a decorated war veteran World War I, the leader who was once worshipped by millions of Germans, was responsible for the massacre of million Jews, is now the most hated dictator of the 20th Century. Everyone should know what Hitler has done to Jewish people of that time. Hitler gained power because of society’s discontent of the government and the society after World War I. My purpose of this paper is to tell how Hitler changed lives during the 20th century. To understand Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, one must first understand the society historical background in Germany. In 1918, which was…show more content…
In 1919, Herman Mueller, the Foreign Minister of the Weimar Republic representing Germany, signed the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty made Germany lose important industrial cities, which not only slowed down the German economy, but also, and most importantly, deprived Germany integrity. Hitler considered the Treaty a scandal and a disgrace and an act of highway robbery against the German people. According to the Versailles Treaty, the war guilt was blamed on Germany. This was devastating news to the German because it’s not of a German social value that they are losers. The German educational system emphasized nationalism and strong connection between one and the country , and in this situation furthered people’s discontent ruined people’s pride of their country, and reasoned with people’s feelings. The German social value reinforced people 's discontent and anger towards the losing of war because it 's just like ancient Rome; the Germans couldn’t bear the idea of losing a battle, because it was a sign of weakness and a form of humiliation. The blame went straight to the Weimar Republic because it was the Republic that sealed the fate of Germany at the Paris Peace Conference. Germany didn’t have any experience with democracy prior to the Weimar Republic, People’s faith democracy was further more deeply shaken by the signing of the Treaty of Versailles and gave opportunities to dictators like Hitler to rise up. Economic turbulence after
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