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It is almost certain that in writing “Miss Annie” and “The Gaulin Wife” Patricia Glinton was warning Bahamian men to not take women for granted. The depiction of women on the two folk tales include humble, competitive, lonely, inquisitive, and fierce. Various of our Bahamian women have these traits. Hence, the stories are indeed a reflection on Bahamian women. “This loving husband made the garden for his wife Annie, who loved the beauties of nature, perhaps, because she was one of them. The writer uses a metaphor comparing Annie to the “beauties of nature” This is to describe how beautiful Miss Annie was. Imagery is also shown because comparing Annie to the beauty of nature gives the reader a sense of sight imaging you can see Annie…show more content…
This shows how hardworking Annie was.
The writer also introduces Imagery to show how throughout the detailed description of how many tasked Annie was forced to do and how her hands and body was damaged. Annie did every task and did so until her hands we’re damaged.”Annie’s life became unbearable” This shows a metaphor of how Annie couldn’t tolerate her husbands’ demand anymore this also show’s a paradox because her life was really unbearable. “As many as attempted to capture this great prize we’re driven away by this great prize we’re driven away by the faithful dog or had their spirits dampened by Annie’s determination to remain a widow” A metaphor is show as Annie is being compared to a great prize. This tells that Annie is obviously a good catch and many men wanted to win. While the writer uses a confident tone, the writer mentions “faithful dog” which is also personification. This shows how many men we’re driven away by the dog which was trained by the deceased husband to send men away who would try to come in contact with Annie. Annie was also determined to keep the promise she made to her deceased husband to not remarry.
“Once fish on hook, man don’ need no bait” This is represented in dialect by Annie new husband. This brings in the theme ‘The Big Trick’. You instantly see that when Annie’s husband now say this that she was obviously tricked. This also shows assonance and how Annie was blinded and could not

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