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Table of Contents Executive summary 3 Introduction 3 Objectives 3 Introduction 4 Planning Management 5 Structure 6 Division and Labour 6 Management and Leadership 7 Event 7 Event Planning 8 Operation Management Theory 9 Operation Management 9 Service Design 9 Product Design 10 Revenue and Yield Management 10 Project Management 10 Capacity Management 10 Service and Quality Management 11 Safety and Risk Management 11 Customer Satisfaction 11 Customer focused 11 Reflection 12 Conclusion 12 Bibliography 14 Business Questionnaire results 15 SECTION 1 – NOMINAL DATA 15 SECTION 2 – ORDINAL DATA 16 Students
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The main aim for the first step, was to find the organizations for these events, as well to set up the example of invitation letters to the organizations.

Basically, organization structure is the sum of all established relationships among resources within the organization, and the organization chart is the graphic illustration of organization structure. Figure 3 briefly, multinational organization charts can be set up according to major business functions the organization performs, such as a production or marketing; major products the organization sells, such as brakes or electrical parts; or electrical parts; or geographic areas within which the organization does business, such South America or Europe. A with domestic organizations, there is no one best way to organize a multinational corporation. Instead, managers must analyze the multinational circumstances that confont them and develop an organization structure that best suits those circumstance. (S.C.Certo, S.T.Certo, 2009)

Figure 3
Division and Labour

According to Certo (2009), a primary consideration of any organizing effort is how to divide labour. Division of labour is the assignment of various portions of a particular task among a number of organization members. Rather than one individual doing the entire job, several individuals perform different parts of it. Production is divided into a number of steps assigned to specific individuals. The essence of division
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