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Cirque du Freaks’ Wacky Olympics Task: You are coordinating an all-day outdoor “Wacky Olympics” offsite team-building event for 100 employees of a corporation, including ten track and field events, a catered luncheon under a tent, refreshments, hospitality areas for persons accompanying the attendees, and a means of displaying corporate branding images. (Page 92, # 2) Figure 1Cirque du Freaks portrait. Courtesy of Coney Island Freak Show Introduction The event is a Cirque du Freaks’ themed Wacky Olympics, Luncheon and Freak Show. The purpose of this event is to provide a fun and uninhibited platform to help rekindle team workmanship and communication amongst the co-workers and…show more content…
Event Theme The theme chosen for this corporate team building was a “Wacky Olympics”; however, we wanted to add a humbling aspect to even out the playing fields between the teams and build character amongst the fellow co-workers: Cirque du Freaks. Cirque du Freaks represents an eclectic group of individuals working together utilizing their unique attributes to put on an amazing show. The Cirque du Freaks mantra also describes a well developed teamwork based work environment where communication is the key to success. This is the core of the Client’s goal for this event. Cirque du Freaks’ Wacky Olympics The Wacky Olympics was chosen to provide an avenue for team building activities. Its fun, creative and the activities takes team work to reach the goals or complete the tasks. Through the high adrenaline sport activities and brain teasing activities, we will create an atmosphere of optimum solidarity. These are transferable skills that prove itself on the job. Each team will be dressed as a Cirque du Freak character. This strategy was applied to allow every employee to start on the same level. The teams are comprised of Middle management, lower management and hourly employees. The Wacky Olympics will be held in the Fairgrounds. The atmosphere is like a circus/carnival fair. We will have your typical
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