Event Planning

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Vietnam National University The University of Social Sciences and Humanities The Faculty of Oriental Studies BUSINESS ENGLISH: PLANNING EVENT SUCCESSFULLY Teacher: Trần Cao Bội Ngọc, M.A Student: Nguyễn Thị Thiên Thanh Student code: 0665339 Class: Australian Studies 06 Ho Chi Minh City November 27th, 2009 CONTENT I. Pre-planning 5 1. Forming a team and assigning tasks 5 2. Brainstorming 6 3. Defining your event 7 4. 4.Setting program goals and objectives 8 II. Planning stage 8 1. Summary 8 2. Planning 9 1. Draft budget 9 2.…show more content…
In other words, what is best and most successful is to never go out of business— to have one event’s conclusion lead directly into the next event’s preplanning. This is the best way for organizations to continue to improve, reduce burnout of staff, and break the cycle of reinventing the wheel. In fact, the more you follow planning as a continuum from one event to the next, the easier it gets to achieve success. 1. Forming a team and assigning Tasks First, running an event alone can be very difficult, so it’s important to recruit others to help. Be sure the members of the organization are invested in sponsoring the event. They will be more likely to follow through and participate in all the planning details if they feel a sense of ownership for the event. Designate a chair person for the event to coordinate and supervise the entire process. Be sure that all of your team to fill out all the proper forms and obtain signatures. • List the interests, abilities, and talents of the people in the group. For instances, who like to plan, who are skilled at handling logistics (such as organizing parking, purchasing supplies, and coordinating volunteers), and who can come up with original ideas for event- and cause-related publicity. • Provide opportunities for everyone to brainstorm ideas for the group’s work • Trim down the list you develop and set some priorities. Factor
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