Event Threading through News

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People have in increasing numbers turned to the internet to find out what they need, and as we all know there is an immense amount of information to be had from the virtual world. However, again as well all know, the sheer volume of information on the web makes it seem impossible to discern what is truly important. The old gatekeepers (from newspaper editors to the Encyclopedia Britannica) have disappeared without anyone taking their places and so we are left to sort through the information ourselves. Given that most of us do not the combination of time and editing skills to keep track of the information that we need, new technologies are being developed to help individuals sort the information that they need. One of these is event threading. This technique employs automatic means to "analyze and present news to the user in a meaningful and efficient manner" and provides a fundamentally new means of culling and arranging information (Nallapati et al., 2004). Event threading avoid what many critics see as the major drawback to previous news research and information collection methods that created a collection of stories into a "flat hierarchy" that has proven to be too restrictive and inefficient for a user to understand the…
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