Event Train Construct New Presentation For Annual Auburn Sports

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Project Background
Event Train is a young, newly formed and vibrant event management group to organise annual Auburn Sports Award on 14th October 2014 at Dooleys Lidcombe Catholic Club, and associate with Auburn Council Community Event Team in order to acknowledge the outstanding young sports star of the local area, as well as the club and committee members who donate so much time and effort into ensuring Auburn has some fantastic sports facilities and opportunities. The event team will conceptualise the project plan along with the running program that conclude the improvement to former event (Auburn City Council Website, 2013).

Purpose Of The Document
The purpose of this document is for Event Train construct new presentation for Annual Auburn Sports Awards 2014 and how the project team plans to execute the project. The report contains all the schedules, elements, plans, methods, timeline and strategies for students of Event Train to assist the Council for experiencing a large event organise in reality.

Project Objectives
- To increase awareness of the event among sports club, association, school and community
- To promote the contributions of local council’s effort for organising and supporting local sports identities.
- To inspire dedication and determination, creates passion and pride, instils discipline and fair play.
- To increase all young people’s participation in community sport through creating and strengthening links with sports clubs, leisure…
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