Event Train Construct New Presentation For Annual Auburn Sports

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Introduction Project Background Event Train is a young, newly formed and vibrant event management group to organise annual Auburn Sports Award on 14th October 2014 at Dooleys Lidcombe Catholic Club, and associate with Auburn Council Community Event Team in order to acknowledge the outstanding young sports star of the local area, as well as the club and committee members who donate so much time and effort into ensuring Auburn has some fantastic sports facilities and opportunities. The event team will conceptualise the project plan along with the running program that conclude the improvement to former event (Auburn City Council Website, 2013). Purpose Of The Document The purpose of this document is for Event Train construct new…show more content…
- To increase the use of community leisure facilities by attracting those young people not already accessing opportunities - To encourage National Governing Bodies and local clubs to support partnership completion by attending events and advertising their sport/club to the young people who are competing - To tap into governments “active kids program” within the community Preliminary Scope Statement Auburn Council for the past two years has driven local sporting awards for the Auburn LGA. This event has grown in last few years. Dooleys Lidcombe Catholic Club is a major sponsor of the event. The event celebrates and recognizes the exceptional young sports enthusiasts of the local area including the club and committee members who contribute their time and effort to endorse Auburn local sports facilities and opportunities. Key Deliverables In order to reach the successful conclusion of Auburn Sports Awards project these are the deliverables for the project to follow: - Each project member is accountable and sensible to process their responsibility for their task, research and assessment to be delivered detailed and punctually. - Each member is to prepare and present what individual’s allocation in weekly meeting. - Each member is to follow up the previous progress with stakeholders every week if necessarily. Project Duration The project will begin on 14th of July 2014 and will end on 21st of October 2014, which means it will span 15
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