Events Attendance Monitoring System Using Biometrics and Sms

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CHAPTER 1. Introduction The chapter includes introduction which consist of statement of the problem, background and objectives of the study, significance and the scope of the study. It talked about how the researchers do the research, where are the objectives of the research basis of conducting it and the purpose of the research and it significance, and what are the scope and limitations of the system. The Institute of Information and Communication Technology of Isabela State University Echague Campus is now facing problems with regards to monitoring the attendance of the students during school’s activities. Most of the time students are required to attend to all activities as required by the university and the institute itself. But as…show more content…
There is also a built in sending of SMS to the students together with the SBO officers as regards to any incoming events. There are also limitations of the proposed system, the proposed system doesn’t have queries to send back messages to the students or SBO officer, student penalty is based only to the record of the registered students.
1.5 Significance of the Study
The system is significance to the students of the institute, SBO officers and for the future researchers. The students of the institute they would lessen their time to sign their event attendance and get their clearance because the system is a biometric utilized, Updates to upcoming events was disseminated via SMS (Short Messaging Services).
The SBO officers would ensure the security of every student attendance through biometrics utilization. Lastly the system will be a great contribution to the institute and to the students. This serve as their legacy obtaining excellent from the institute and it poses a greater challenge to the next researchers to do better and not just the best.

CHAPTER 2. Review of Related Literature This chapter focused the review of relater literatures and studies. Like other researches review of related literatures supports the validity of research and its factuality in terms of relevance of the existing researches and studies.
2.1 Related Literature
A biometric system has two stages of operation: enrollment and recognition. Enrollment refers to the

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