Events Causes And Consequences Of President Ronald Reagan

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• Event Name Type of Event Causes Course Consequences 1980 Election This was a political event because it caused a change in the government. Americans wanted a firm, patriotic leader who had a plan to fix the economic problems carrying over from the 1970s. Jimmy Carter was running for reelection, and Americans overall were very unhappy with his leadership. Ronald Reagan emerged as his challenger, a former actor with great public skills and a plan. They elected Ronald Reagan in 1980 who had a controversial plan for fixing the U.S. economy, later dubbed “Reaganomics.” 1980 Regan’s Plan The economy focused on cutting taxes, reducing the size of government, and eliminating controls over certain business, called deregulation. It relaxed rules in banking and savings and loan industries to help encourage loans for people to buy houses and start businesses. The idea behind the plan was to put more money in the pockets of people and businesses so they would purchase more things, increase innovation, reduce unemployment, and lower inflation. Reagan increased defense spending. U.S. exports were falling, creating a negative balance of trade where the country was buying more from foreign countries than it was selling to them. 1980 Regan Doctrine This was the president 's foreign policy in the 1980s of supporting anti-Communist revolutions through the Cold War. The president blamed lack of military strength for the Iran hostage crisis and the Soviet Union 's increasing ties with

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