Events During Our Life Help Shape Us Into Becoming The Person We Show The World

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Events during our life help shape us into becoming the person we show the world. During our lifetime we may experience many of these events that will make us want to change ourselves. For me that happened when I was small, and I saw how hard my parents were working in order to give me a better life. Up until the age of six my mom and I lived in Mexico alone in a little town called San Rafael. Then one summer day after school, while my friend and I were playing outside, a strange man approached our house with luggage in his hand. He was dressed in jeans and a grey t-shirt, with a week old beard. This act seemed strange to me because other than my grandpa and uncles no other man ever came to our house, and especially not with suitcases in their hands. As the man came closer and closer to where we were playing ice cold fear entered my gut and grew bigger. Suddenly I panicked started to viciously scream in order to get my mom 's attention, who was inside cleaning. At the sound of my stentorian screams the man 's face portrayed a very sad expression which made me sad, and I ended my deafening screams. Just as I finished screaming, my mom came running out of our house but instead of being alarmed at the sight of this strange man, her expression turned from anger, to surprise, and happiness when her eyes met him. Then with a smile and tears streaming down her face she ran to the strange man and embraced him. In return the man dropped his luggage and carried my mom of the

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