Events Management Assignment

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Silver star year end function VENUE: The Gallagher grill at the Midrand Gallagher Estate Seeing that Gallagher is centrally located between Pretoria and Johannesburg and provides secure parking I decided to choose this venue. Gallagher is conveniently positioned in the business hub of Gauteng and most staff members stays in Pretoria and Johannesburg and it will make life easier for them to travel back home after the function. It is also surrounded by beautiful gardens, the english rose gardens, the wooden Koi Deck, because companies need dynamic environments to host year end functions and location plays an important role in motivating staff and creating the right impression. The venue also offers catering as food is important to…show more content…
Photography Photographer is needed as we need to take pictures and video of the event to keep for memorably. Contingency When you do event should have plan B at all time, where something goes wrong , therefore plan B will work as contingency Budget We need to discuss the entire budget, how much the event will cost us and how much the client has budgeted for. Memento Make sure that I get a good reputable shuttle company to transport my guest to and fro their hotel or destination after the event Follow - up Event Manager should always do follow –up with the client just to satisfy the client that everything will be in order and achieve the aim of the Event. 4. Present an actual invitation to the event to the client to give them a clear picture of how the theme and event details will be introduced to the guests ( staff Members) this single invitation example needs to be fun yet professional, be creative as you communicate the event , theme, date, time, venue, address, dress code, RSVP date, dietary specifications, directions and /or use map to the guest 4.1 attached find my invitations 5. Choose four of or more event element that you can use to incorporate the chosen theme and create 5.1 Signage should be loud and clear to indicate the purpose of the event 5.2 Budget check with the client how much have to cover the costs of the
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