Events Of Instruction And Evaluating The Learners

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Events of Instruction and Evaluating the Learners The evaluation process examines the program and process to define what 's effectively working, or not working. This evaluation process defines value about learning and training program, so they can make improvements (Rossett, 2001). Events of Instruction Brown & Green (2016) stated that students using the correct learning behavior skills in order to learn skills proficiently. Once students use the correct behaviors skills, they will be successful in learning. For this assignment the learners will complete an outline for the task. The students will create a literature theme topic from a literacy assignment. Sometimes it is difficult for students to become interested in literature, especially the classics. Mager (1984) goal analysis stated that when learners use creativity with an assignment, the learners are motivated to get interested and develop the project. This can help students because they can use their creativity to demonstrate their prior experience. Inclusion students can be academically successful to demonstrate their written reports with creativity and show their knowledge and skills in literacy. Robert Gagne (1985) theory was implemented in nine events of instruction. Brown and Green (2016) focused on each of Gagne’s events of instruction with one instructional activity so the implementation would identify the effectiveness of instruction. Gagne’s events of instruction are listed below: 1. Gain the learner’s
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