Events of World War I in Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief

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Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief takes place during some key events of World War II, in Germany. The author tells of an orphan in Nazi Germany, named Liesel Meminger. She is adopted by Rosa Hubermann and Hans Hubermann, who are her foster parents. Liesel is known as the book thief because she steals various books. When she was enrolled in school, she felt powerless because she did not understand or how to read books. Though, her father starts teaching her how to read. With the words she is learning, it is giving her the power to influence and control people with her words. She shares her passion for books with a Jew evading from the Nazis, Max Vandenberg. The portrayal of life in Nazi Germany in The Book Thief is accurate, specifically regarding the events, the loyalty for Hitler, and the treatment of Jews.
World War II was a conflict that resulted in many deaths. The leader during that time was Adolf Hitler, also known as the Fuhrer. Hitler was a ruthless ruler, especially towards the Jewish. He relied much on his instinct and ignored all foreign cultures. He is well remembered for the order for massacre of millions of Jews. To convince everyone that the Jews we blame for their adversity, he ordered Nazi Germans to burn books that were considered “un-German”. He wanted books and textbooks to be rewritten to portray that the Nazis were good (Source A: The burning of books is one of the main events in The Book Thief, that portrays life in Nazi Germany
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